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The Mystery of True False and Not Given

More practice on True False Not Given questions

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Reading

You can’t take an IELTS reading test without bumping into some T/F/NG questions, and perhaps one of the most challenging reading question types taking away your lovely 7.0 is this one! Let’s have some practice in this short lesson.

Questions 1-5
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the texts?

TRUE  =  the statement agrees with the information
FALSE  =  if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN  =  if there is no information on this


Statement: Phone calls to ask about service are free.

Passage: We have a freephone number for billing matters and a local charge 24-hour number for any service queries.

Let’s break it down…

Statement: (1)Phone calls to (2)ask about service are (3)free.

Passage: We have a freephone number for billing matters and a local (3)charge 24-hour (1)number for any (3)service queries.

charge” is the opposite of  “free” ==> The answer is False.

(Read this lesson on the IELTS Juice Online Academy to learn how to answer this type of questions.)


Now it’s your turn

Statement 1: Biosilk has already replaced nylon in parachute manufacture.

Passage: The new material, biosilk, which has been spun for the first time by researchers at DuPont, has an enormous range of potential uses in construction and manufacturing.

Statement 2: Lewis and Dorsch co-operated in the synthetic production of silk.

Passage: To recreate the material, scientists, including Randolph Lewis at the University of Wyoming, first examined the silk-producing gland of the spider. “We took out the glands that produce the silk and looked at the coding for the protein material they make, which is spun into a web. We then went looking for clones with the right DNA,” he says. At Dupont, researchers have used both yeast and bacteria as hosts to grow the raw material, which they have spun into fibers. Robert Dorsch, DuPont’s director of biochemical development, says the globules of protein, comparable with marbles in an egg, are harvested and processed.

Statement 3: Michael Faraday suggested Perkin should enroll in the Royal College of Chemistry.

Passage: Thomas Hall, who encouraged him to attend a series of lectures given by the eminent scientist Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution. Those speeches fired the young chemist’s enthusiasm further, and he later went on to attend the Royal College of Chemistry, which he succeeds in entering in 1853.

Statement 4: Perkin employed August Wilhelm Hofmann as his assistant.

Passage: At the time of Perkin’s enrollment, the Royal College of Chemistry was headed by the noted German chemist August Wilhelm Hofmann. Perkin’s scientific gifts soon caught Hofmann’s attention and, within two years, he became Hofmann’s youngest assistant.

Statement 5: Turtles were among the first group of animals to migrate back to the sea.

Passage: Turtles went back to the sea a very long time ago and, like all vertebrate returnees to the water, they breathe air.




1  False  
2  Not Given 
3  Not Given
4  False
5  Not Given
About the Author

About the Author

CEO and Co-founder of Juice Academy

Mehdi Safavi is a Cambridge certified English teacher (CELTA Grade A), IDP-trained IELTS expert, Sussex Downs College TESOL with 17+ years of teaching & teacher training experience. More about him →

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  1. David chapidze

    I unswered 4 correctlyout of 5 questions


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