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Private IELTS Courses

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for 10-session registrations

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14 reviews for Private IELTS Courses

  1. Seyed Mohammad Reza Vaziri

    Well, to be honest, at first I thought that I cannot deal with online classes. However, by the times, I have found that this special class is one of the best classes I’ve ever seen in my life. I think this is fair enough to say that, joining to IELTS JUICE with its online classes will help you to learn more. You can record your video classes, do your assignments electronically with Google Classroom and record everything you need during your course on your personal computer.

    In this special class, the one and only device you need is a personal computer or laptop. So……… it is Wonderful!

  2. Nino Bogveradze

    Just do it! English exam is very stressful as we all know and I am really happy I find my teacher and online one to one classes. Lessons are really comfortable and useful, my teacher – Mehdi is simply amazing as he loves his job and doing his best for make study process easy and very helpful. One great thing is that you are sitting home, do not need to go somewhere for attend lesson and online class provide you everything is necessary for exam preparations. Well I am very satisfied and lucky to find IELTS JUICE one to one classes and most importantly my teacher Mehdi Safavi. And once again just do it! You will love it!

  3. Amir Hossein Reihani

    You can enjoy a high quality English course in your room!!! So you don’t need to spend much time going to English class. All you need are a laptop and the internet. The tutor, I mean Mr. Mehdi Safavi, is incredibly professional and friendly. It is noteworthy that you will enjoy something better than whiteboard. It is the Google document which can be your online notebook and pamphlet. You will be sent the video of your class; so, you can watch previous sessions as many times as you want. Generally, I was entirely satisfied with this course and it was far beyond my expectations

  4. Emma Harper

    Mehdi had the interesting task of preparing a native English speaker for the CELTA. I was barely able to identity a verb much less their forms. I had never been tutored before and was skeptical for lessons being done online. Mehdi proved to be adeptly prepared for this challenge. His lesson plans were meticulously tailored to meet my specific needs and Mehdi provided quality,relevant materials. Also, having the classes done over skype was more than convenient. Mehdi is a skilled and patient teacher who is obviously an expert on the English language. Thank you again Mehdi.

  5. Behrouz Roshani

    If you want to have a well organized understanding of IELTS ,this is the right class for you. professional teachers walk you through every single detail you must know.In addition there is almost no waste of time unlike most of other institutions.

  6. Amirali Jalali

    One of the greatest reasons that I started online classes was the problem which i had with the timing. When dear mehdi safavi introduced me to this new method of education that everywhere and anytime is available, I realized I had found what I’d long been looking for!

  7. Nima sayyedian

    I am of the opinion that this team has the experience to prepare you for the desired level.

  8. Hoda

    These online english classes are by far the most efficient english courses I’ve ever done. Individual planning and flexibility are only minor privileges. Mr. Safavi is an outstanding professional English teacher, aware of student needs. If you are still dubious, you are just depriving yourself, each single day, from his taylor-made method of teaching and the precious experience he owns.

  9. Kate

    I took courses with Mehdi, who was able to teach me all the IELTS techniques in just a month. Thanks to my teacher I received the wanted score, even in such short term. Thank you again, Mr. Safavi.

  10. Dena

    Before I took these online courses I couldn’t write any essays or even write at all but only after 4 days I started to write a lot of essays. I also didn’t know anything about IELTS and my English language wasn’t good in general. But I was able to pass the exam after 20 sessions and I’m so happy.

  11. Amir Roshani (verified owner)

    These online classes are by far the best English classes that I have taken. The classes are really to the point and in less than a month I got the score that I wanted . I definitely recommend it to all English learners!

  12. Medea

    Mehdi Safavi is the best tutor I have ever met. His lessons will exceed your expectations. He is so helpful with his high level of professionalism, methodology and attitude towards students. His sessions are never boring or tiring. With his wonderful personality he makes them enjoyable and interesting. I have attended both group sessions and individual skype lessons. He knows his job perfectly
    I wish I could ever become a teacher like him

  13. Arash Fellah Jahromi (verified owner)

    I learnt a lot from Mr. Safavi, and all taught strategies were effective for my IELTS exam. I am happy with my performance in the exam as I aimed IELTS score 7.5.

  14. yasaman

    I drank the “IELTS juice” and got my desired outcome in 10 days. thanks to Mr. Safavi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to some of your questions about our one-to-one classes at IELTS Juice Online Academy

How long are the courses?

It depends on your English level and personal needs. You can register for as many sessions as you want.

Will I have a live teacher?

Yes, of course! You receive your lessons directly from your live tutor in one-to-one online classes through Skype.

How long is each class?

Each class is one hour. If you need a more intensive learning schedule, you can ask your teacher to teach you two lessons in a row.

How many days/hours do I have to study?

You can study any time of the day and as often as you want based on your lifestyle or needs! Your teacher will recommend a suitable number of sessions and give you assignments accordingly.


Will I need any books to study during the one-to-one online courses?

Probably, yes. Practice is necessary, and you can’t have only online practice; your teacher will tell you what book(s) you need to purchase for the course.

Is a high speed Internet connection necessary?

Yes. Because you will be in an audio and/or video call with your teacher, you need to have a good Internet connection, but today in most parts of the world, the speed is even higher than needed.

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