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Learn how to answer the reading passages in IELTS Cambridge books for both Academic and General Training modules with an IELTS expert explaining all the tips and demonstrating the most effective strategies.

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IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Listening

Best approaches to each part of the IELTS Listening test


IELTS Reading

All the strategies you need for success in IELTS reading

IELTS writing

IELTS Writing

How to write letters, reports & essays based on IELTS criteria

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking

Top tips and speaking practice materials for the three parts


IELTS Essential Words

Absolutely essential words for the IELTS test


What’s IELTS

An introductory course providing an overview of the IELTS test and format.


One Word or Two

Focusing on words that may appear to be composed of two separate parts but are, in fact, written as a single word.

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