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About the course

The course “English Word Parts: One or Two?” is designed to help learners better understand the structure and usage of words in the English language. This course focuses specifically on words that may appear to be composed of two separate parts but are, in fact, written as a single word.

Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and interactive activities, learners will develop an understanding of which words in English are written as a single unit and which are written as two separate parts. They will learn to recognize common prefixes and suffixes and how these can change the meaning of a word.

The course will cover a wide range of vocabulary, including words related to everyday life, academic and professional contexts, and specialized fields. Learners will also explore the historical and cultural roots of the English language and how these have influenced the formation of modern English words.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to confidently identify which words in English are composed of one or two parts and understand the significance of this distinction in terms of meaning and usage. They will also have developed a deeper appreciation for the rich and varied nature of the English language.


This course includes:

Self-study program
3 Fun Quizzes
covers 80 common misspellings
more than 40 questions
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