Strange laws of the world

Unusual international legislation

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Every country has its own laws. Some are logical and useful, but some are strange or in some cases even hilarious! In this lesson, you will learn some useful expressions you can use when talking about what is legal and what is not.

Saudi Arabia

It is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving.


You may only have one child, or you will have to pay a fine.


You are not permitted to hang your clothes to dry on Sunday.


A man may be arrested for wearing a skirt.


It is illegal to kiss on railways in France.


In this country, you cannot repaint a house without a painting license and the government’s permission.


No chewing gum is allowed to be bought or sold inside Singapore, and there is a $500 fine for spitting out gum on the streets. 


Possession of a satellite receiver in Iran is punishable by law.

South Africa

A license is required to purchase a television set in South Africa.

Over to you

Do you live in one of these countries and believe the law has changed? Let us know in a comment.

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