IELTS Writing Task 1 report sample 3074 – Band 5.5

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 - Report

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The Graph below shows average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per person in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Portugal between 1967 and 2007.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The Graph below shows average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per person in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Portugal between 1967 and 2007.


The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

Candidate’s Response:

The line graph sets out the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by each individual in 4 countries over a period of 40 years. The countries are Portugal, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The highest amount of CO2 was produced by British people throughout the period shown. In 1967, CO2 emission by them was 11 metric tonnes which remained stable until 1977. But it declined steadily from 1977 to 2007 by approximately 2 metric tonnes. Conversely, although Portuguese’s CO2 emission saw the greatest rise, in all by 4 metric tonnes, the average carbon dioxide produced the lowest among 4 countries. It increased from 1967 to 1987 gently (by 2 metric tonnes), then from 1987 to 1997 with a more rapid growth (by 2 metric tonnes), and finished as the joint-lowest in 2007.

Turning to ‘Sweden’, the amount of CO2 produced by them decreased the most among all countries despite the inconsistency. It began at 8.5 metric tonnes and rose dramatically in the first 10 years (by 2 metric tonnes), but saw a drop in the second decade (by almost 3.5 metric tonnes), before finishing as the joint-lowest. It decreased slowly by 2.5 metric tonnes. Meanwhile, the average CO2 emitted by each person in Italy, which increased, saw a significant rise overall from 1967 to 1977 (4.2 to 6.3 metric tonnes) and with a more gentle growth around then 2 metric tonnes in 20 years, notably it overtook the amount of CO2 produced by each person in Sweden at 1987.

All in all, it can be seen the amount of CO2 emitted per individual in Italy and Portugal saw an increase. But it decreased in UK and Sweden. CO2 production per person in Portugal with the greatest rise and in Sweden with the greatest fall, joint-lowest at the end of the period.

272 words

Planning Stage

Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

June 6, 2024

This is an IELTS writing band 5.5 sample


The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

IELTS Writing Band Descriptors:

Task Achievement (Ac)
7.0 covers the requirements of the task
6.0 presents and adequately highlights key features
6.0 details may be irrelevant, inappropriate, or inaccurate
6.0 presents an overview with information appropriately selected
Coherence and Cohesion
6.0 arranges information and ideas coherently
6.0 there is a clear overall progression
7.0 uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately although there may be some under-/over-use
6.0 may not always use referencing clearly or appropriately
6.0 uses paragraphing, but not always logically
Lexical Resource
7.0 uses a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility and precision
7.0 uses less common lexical items with some awareness of style and collocation
6.0 makes some errors in spelling and/or word formation
6.0 they do not impede communication
Grammatical Range and Accuracy
7.0 uses a variety of complex structures
7.0 produces frequent error-free sentences
6.0 makes some errors in grammar and punctuation
5.0 errors can cause some difficulty for the reader


Thank you indeed for writing this report.
Task Achievement (TA): The response summarizes the main trends but lacks some clarity and detail.
The description of changes over time is somewhat accurate but not fully comprehensive.
Some key details are omitted or inaccurately reported.

Coherence and Cohesion (CC): The report is logically organized, with a clear introduction and body paragraphs.
Uses linking devices but they are sometimes used inaccurately or repetitively.
Paragraphing is appropriate, but some transitions between ideas could be smoother.

Lexical Resource (LR): Uses a range of vocabulary but with some errors and repetition.
Attempts to use less common vocabulary but with inaccuracies.
Several word choices are incorrect or awkward, affecting clarity.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA): Displays some complex sentence structures but with frequent errors.
Grammatical errors sometimes obscure meaning or cause confusion.
Consistent issues with verb forms, prepositions, and sentence structure.

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The 5.5 sample upgraded to 7.0+

The line graph sets out the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted per person in four countries—Portugal, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom—over a period of 40 years from 1967 to 2007. Overall, the United Kingdom had the highest CO2 emissions per person throughout the period.
The United Kingdom and Sweden experienced decreases in CO2 emissions per person. The UK had the highest emissions at the start, around 11 metric tonnes in 1967, which remained stable until 1977 before steadily declining to approximately 8.7 metric tonnes by 2007. Sweden's emissions began at 8.5 metric tonnes, rose to a peak of 10.2 metric tonnes by 1977, and then fell sharply to about 5.5 metric tonnes by 2007, showing the most significant decrease among the four countries.
In contrast, both Portugal and Italy saw increases in their CO2 emissions per person over the period. Portugal experienced the greatest rise, starting from about 1.5 metric tonnes in 1967 and steadily increasing to around 5.5 metric tonnes by 2007. This increase was more rapid between 1987 and 1997. Italy's emissions also rose significantly, beginning at 4.2 metric tonnes in 1967 and growing to 6.3 metric tonnes by 1977, and then increasing more gently over the next 20 years, reaching around 7.8 metric tonnes by 2007.
Overall, CO2 emissions per person increased in Portugal and Italy, while they decreased in the UK and Sweden. Portugal saw the most substantial rise, and Sweden the most notable decline, resulting in both countries having similar emission levels by the end of the period.
260 words

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