A special occasion

A model answer for IELTS speaking test – Part 2.

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The topic is ‘Describe a special occasion for which you arrived late.’

In part 2 of the speaking test, you have one minute to prepare and 1-2 minutes to talk using a cue card the examiner gives you. In this 2-minute podcast an IELTS Juice expert talks about a graduation party she threw and was late for herself!

Speaking Part 2 

Describe a special occasion for which you arrived late.

You should say:
       What occasion you were late for
       When it happened
       How you felt
And explain why you were late.

Model Answer

Well, I remember last year, one of my best friends was graduating from university and I was supposed to throw a surprise graduation party for her at her place. Umm… I’d been busy planning the party for one month…doing the shopping, inviting our friends and families, catering whilst keeping everything quiet which was the hardest part, I guess. I must also mention that the only person aware of this was her mother.

Party day arrives, I woke up really early and arranged everything and headed to work. When I came back in the afternoon I felt exhausted so I decided to sleep for just half an hour in order not to look too worn out during the party … but I overslept….and … I don’t know what happened but the sound of her mum shouting my name and looking for me woke me up from the deepest sleep.

Fortunately, everything had already been taken care of and the party had started and the funny part is that I was the guest who arrived last.

The whole party was amazing and everyone had lots of fun, specially my friend…and apart from the fact that I was late for the event I myself had arranged, it was one of the most memorable nights of my life.  


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A special occasion

About the Author

About the Author

CEO and Co-founder of Juice Academy

Mehdi Safavi is a Cambridge certified English teacher (CELTA Grade A), IDP-trained IELTS expert, Sussex Downs College TESOL with 17+ years of teaching & teacher training experience. More about him →

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