Verb Tenses in English

How many tenses do we have in English?

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Grammar

We start working with English tenses from the very beginning of our English learning process and it continues until very advanced levels. However, we have never found the chance to see them all in one table and compare their meanings and structures. That is why we have gathered them here for you to brush up on them, and to compare and contrast the 12 English tenses.

English Tenses


Present Simple John cleans his room every day.
Past Simple John cleaned his room yesterday.
Future Simple John will clean his room later.
Present Continuous John is cleaning his room right now.
Past Continuous John was cleaning his room when I called.
Future Continuous John will be cleaning his room between 8 and 9 tomorrow.
Present Perfect Simple John has cleaned his room already.
Past Perfect Simple John had cleaned his room before Jill arrived.
Future Perfect Simple John will have cleaned his room by the time Jill comes.
Present Perfect Continuous John has been cleaning his room just until now.
Past Perfect Continuous John had been cleaning his room up until Jill arrived.
Future Perfect Continuous John will have been cleaning his room by the end of the day.

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About the Author

About the Author

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