These nouns are verbs too

I thought they were nouns only

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Vocabulary

You make sandwiches; you buy sandwiches; you eat sandwiches, but have you ever been sandwiched on a crowded subway train? “Sandwich” is only one of the English words that function both as nouns and verbs. As a verb it means “to be in a very small space between two other things”. For example, “I was sandwiched between two big men.”

water (v.)

Meaning: If you water plants or the ground they are growing in, you pour water on them.
Example: Don’t forget to water the plants.

dog (v.)

Meaning: If a problem or bad luck dogs you, it causes trouble for a long time.
Example: He has been dogged by injury all season.

stomach (v.)

Meaning: To be able to accept something, especially something unpleasant.
Example: The 30% inflation rate is more than most residents can stomach.

pen (v.)

Meaning: To write something such as a letter, a book etc, especially using a pen.
Example: It is a story penned by Oscar Wilde.

weather (v.)

Meaning: To come through a very difficult situation safely.
Example: The company weathered the storm of objections to the plan.
About the Author

About the Author

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