Seven Deadly Mistakes in Your IELTS Listening Exam

7 Deadly Mistakes in Your IELTS Listening Exam

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Listening, Tips

Mistake #1

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Study trips have been a traditional part of the ______________ for many years.

Student’s Answer: national education system

Correct Answer: education system

Mistake #2

Trips to ______________ of culture are particularly valuable.

Student’s Answer: cultural institutions

Correct Answer: institutions

Mistake #3

 The students are offered free _____________.

Student’s Answer: accomodation

Correct Answer: accommodation


Mistake #4

Now these trips are ______________.

Student’s Answer: died out

Correct Answer: dying out


Mistake #5

Many schools try to reward students for good _________.


Student’s Answer: result

Correct Answer: results


Mistake #6

The island is the natural habitat of sea ________.


Student’s Answer: tables

Correct Answer: turtles


Mistake #7

Students must pay for the trips in _________.


Student’s Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Correct Answer: advance / cash


Let’s review the 7 deadly IELTS listening mistakes: 

    1. Extra words
    2. Repeated information
    3. Spelling mistakes
    4. Incorrect forms
    5. Plural or singular
    6. Illogical answers 
    7. Unanswered questions 
About the Author

About the Author

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