General Training IELTS Writing Task 1 - Letter

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You recently did a short cookery course. The cookery school has asked for your feedback on this course.
Write a letter to the course director at the cookery school. In your letter
  • Describe what you enjoyed about the course
  • say how much cooking you’ve done since the course
  • suggest another cookery course you would like the school to offer
  • Write at least 150 words.

    You do NOT need to write any addresses.

    Begin your letter as follows:


    The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

    Candidate’s Response:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you concerning my comments on the course of cooking which recently i attended.

    Firstly, the course was wonderful because the mentor who taught me was knowledgeable about different dishes that gave me an opportunity to have complete insight towards the way those dishes are made. In terms of equipments, not only were they modern, but they were diverse which gave me a wide range of options in the process of cooking, which helped me enhance the quality of cookery.

    Also, i have done five kind of cookery from foreign countries which are well-known throughout the world. Although they were difficult to make, i could succeed in making them as a result of having an excellent mentor.

    As, i had great experience in this course, i would like to suggest you to hold a cookery course which is being focused on local cookery since the previous course was concentrated on international cookery, hence this new course will compensate the shortage of tradition cookery

    I will appreciate you if let me know about your decision in this regard.

    Yours faithfully.

    186 words
    Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

    Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

    November 15, 2023

    This is an IELTS writing band 6.0 sample


    The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

    Assessor’s Comment

    Thank you indeed for writing this letter. Here’s a lesson that helps:

    Kasra Sharifan

    IELTS Writing Band Descriptor:

    Task Achievement (GT)
    7.0 covers the requirements of the task
    7.0 with the tone consistent and appropriate
    7.0 clearly presents and highlights bullet points but could be more fully extended
    9.0 presents a clear purpose
    Coherence and Cohesion
    7.0 logically organizes information and ideas
    6.0 there is a clear overall progression
    7.0 uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately although there may be some under-/over-use
    6.0 may not always use referencing clearly or appropriately
    7.0 presents a clear central topic within each paragraph
    Lexical Resource
    6.0 uses an adequate range of vocabulary for the task
    6.0 attempts to use less common vocabulary but with some inaccuracy
    6.0 makes some errors in spelling and/or word formation
    6.0 they do not impede communication
    Grammatical Range and Accuracy
    7.0 uses a variety of complex structures
    7.0 produces frequent error-free sentences
    7.0 has good control of grammar and punctuation but may make a few errors
    6.0 errors rarely reduce communication


    Thank you indeed for writing this letter. Here’s a lesson that helps:

    The IELTS Assessor

    Kasra Sharifan

    Kasra Sharifan

    Co-founder and CFO

    British Council certified English teacher, IDP-trained IELTS instructor, content writer, editor-in-chief, co-founder, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at IELTS Juice Online Academy.

    A very good sample

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the enriching experience I had during the recent cookery course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and wanted to provide you with some feedback.
    One of the aspects I particularly appreciated about the course was the hands-on approach to learning. The practical sessions were not only informative but also immensely enjoyable. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and approachable, making the learning process engaging and interactive.
    Since completing the course, I have been actively experimenting with various recipes and techniques in my own kitchen. The skills and confidence I gained have allowed me to explore new cuisines and improve my cooking abilities significantly.
    I would like to suggest that the school consider offering a specialized course in Asian cuisine, particularly focusing on Thai or Japanese cooking techniques. These cuisines have gained immense popularity, and I believe that many students, including myself, would benefit greatly from such a course.
    Once again, thank you for providing such an excellent culinary learning experience. I look forward to any future courses you may offer and appreciate your consideration of my suggestion.
    191 words

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