IELTS Writing Task 1 letter sample 2999– Band 7.5

General Training IELTS Writing Task 1 - Letter

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have recently moved into a new house. You want to tell your friend about your good news.
Write to your friend. In your letter:
  • describe the house
  • describe the neighbourhood
  • invite your friend to come and see the house
  • Write at least 150 words.

    You do NOT need to write any addresses.

    Begin your letter as follows:


    The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

    Candidate’s Response:

    Dear Mike,

    I’m super excited to let you know that we finally got our dream house. I’m writing this to let you know how our new home and the neighborhood looks like and invite you over for a small gathering.

    Let me first briefly describe the house. We were looking for a house that provide the kids with enough room to easily play and hang around, and this is exactly what we got. It’s a 3-bedroom villa with a small garden and even a 20-meter balcony. Now both Jack and Sara have a private bedroom, and Jill and I can finally relax in the master room!

    The neighborhood is great too. It’s a family-friendly neighborhood that is home to people mostly the same age as Jill and I, so we are expecting to make some new friends soon. Also, almost every house has a small lawn and a few fruit trees that gives an overall pleasant view. We are really interested about it, especially considering that our room is overlooking the street.

    Why don’t you come see everything for yourself? We are planning a barbecue this weekend, and we are inviting some of the neighbors, so we can get to know them better. It’s going to be on Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM. We would be grateful if you could join us as well.

    Please let me know if you can come.

    All the best,

    238 words

    Planning Stage

    Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

    Presented By: Shahab Hosseinzadeh

    June 15, 2024

    This is an IELTS writing band 7.5 sample


    The writing sample displayed here is the work of IELTS candidates and has been assessed by our team for guidance and practice purposes. These scores are not official IELTS scores.

    IELTS Writing Band Descriptors:

    Task Achievement (GT)
    8.0 covers all requirements of the task sufficiently
    8.0 presents, highlights and illustrates bullet points clearly and appropriately
    9.0 details are fully and clearly extended.
    9.0 presents a clear purpose
    Coherence and Cohesion
    9.0 sequences information and ideas logically
    8.0 manages all aspects of cohesion well
    9.0 uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately
    9.0 uses referencing clearly and appropriately throughout
    9.0 skillfully manages paragraphing
    Lexical Resource
    7.0 uses a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility and precision
    8.0 skillfully uses uncommon lexical items but there may be occasional inaccuracies in word choice and collocation
    9.0 rare minor errors occur only as ‘slips’
    9.0 the communication is completely natural
    Grammatical Range and Accuracy
    7.0 uses a variety of complex structures
    8.0 the majority of sentences are error-free
    8.0 makes only very occasional errors or inappropriacies
    9.0 communication is completely natural


    Thank you indeed for writing this letter. Task Achievement (TA):
    The letter effectively addresses the task requirements. The writer describes the house and neighborhood and extends an invitation to their friend. The content is relevant and adequately developed, though the letter could provide a bit more detail or variety in descriptions to achieve higher marks.

    Coherence and Cohesion (CC):
    The letter is well-organized and logically sequenced. Paragraphing is appropriate, with each paragraph focusing on a specific aspect of the task. The use of cohesive devices is generally effective, but some sentences could be more smoothly connected.

    Lexical Resource (LR):
    The vocabulary used is appropriate and varied, with some instances of less common lexical items (e.g., "family-friendly neighborhood," "pleasant view"). However, further lexical sophistication and a wider range of vocabulary could enhance the response.

    Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA):
    The letter demonstrates a good range of grammatical structures with a few minor errors (e.g., "hang around easily," "it’s a family-friendly neighborhood that is home to people mostly the same age as Jill and me"). These errors do not impede communication but slightly affect the overall accuracy.

    This letter is well-written and addresses all parts of the task with relevant and extended ideas. To improve, the writer could aim to add more detail and varied vocabulary, ensure smoother sentence connections, and refine grammatical accuracy.

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    Another Above 7.0 Sample

    Dear Mike,
    I’m thrilled to share the exciting news that we’ve finally moved into our dream house. I’m writing to tell you all about our new home and the wonderful neighborhood we’ve found ourselves in, and of course, to invite you over to celebrate with us.
    The house is everything we hoped for and more. It’s a spacious 3-bedroom villa with a charming garden and a large 20-meter balcony that offers a fantastic view. Jack and Sara now each have their own rooms, which they absolutely love, and Jill and I finally have a peaceful master bedroom to ourselves. The house has a warm and welcoming feel to it, and the kids already feel right at home.
    Our neighborhood is equally impressive. It’s a vibrant, family-friendly area with lots of young families like ours, which means we’re already starting to make new friends. Each house here has its own little lawn and fruit trees, creating a lovely, picturesque atmosphere. Our bedroom overlooks a beautiful street lined with these trees, and it's just perfect.
    I’d love for you to come and see it all for yourself. We’re hosting a barbecue this Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM, and we’ve invited some of our new neighbors to join us so we can all get acquainted. It would be fantastic if you could come too and join in the fun.
    Please let me know if you can make it. I’m really looking forward to catching up and showing you our new place.
    Best wishes,
    265 words

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