Self-paced Courses 

For busy IELTS candidates who want to study in their own time.

IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Listening

1,290,000 Tomans

Best approaches to each part of IELTS Listening test 

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IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Reading

1,690,000 Tomans

All the strategies you need for success in IELTS reading

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IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Writing

1,990,000 Tomans

How to write letters, reports & essays based on IELTS criteria

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IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Speaking

990,000 Tomans

Top tips and speaking practice materials for the three parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your common questions about these IELTS courses.

How long are the courses?

They are of different lengths, but you can progress faster or slower depending on your personal speed. Most students finish each skill in a few weeks.

Will I have a teacher?

Yes and no. An experienced British Council IELTS expert teaches you in pre-recorded videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere. No live lessons.

Who are your courses for?

IELTS preparation courses are recommended to English learners of B2 level or higher. Test your English now.

How many days/hours do I have to study?

You can study any time of the day and as often as you want based on your lifestyle or needs, but we recommend at least 3 hours of practice each day.

Will I need any books to study during the online course?

The course materials are more than enough for learning the techniques and strategies. But you definitely need to use the books recommended in the courses for test practice.

What if I have a question?

No worries! Every course has its own question and answer forum where you can get help from our IELTS experts and other students in the course.

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