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This IELTS Mock Test offers a structured approach to understanding the IELTS exam format. It includes the Listening, Reading, and Writing tests, with an option to book the Speaking interview in advance.

Listening Test: This section presents a series of recordings, followed by comprehension questions. Test-takers must listen for main ideas, specific information, and viewpoints in different English accents and settings.

Reading Test: This portion involves reading passages and answering questions that assess a range of skills, from skimming for the main idea to understanding arguments and identifying writers’ attitudes.

Writing Test: Participants are given tasks to demonstrate their ability to write a letter and to write an essay in response to a given argument or problem.

Speaking Interview: (Available through Advance Booking) This part of the test evaluates spoken English proficiency in a conversational format with a certified examiner. It must be scheduled separately from the other sections.

This mock test aims to replicate the format and challenges of the actual IELTS exam. Participants receive feedback and scores aligned with the IELTS Band Descriptors, providing insight into their performance and areas for improvement.