Notice to Candidates

The Notice to Candidates is a document that provides important information and instructions for test takers taking the IELTS exam. Here is a summary of the key points covered in the Notice to Candidates:

  1. Test day requirements: The Notice to Candidates outline the documents and materials that test takers must bring with them to the test center, such as identification documents and pens/pencils.

  2. Test day procedures: The Notice to Candidates explains the procedures that test takers must follow on the test day, including arrival times, security checks, and instructions for each section of the test.

  3. Test rules and regulations: The Notice to Candidates outlines the rules and regulations that test takers must follow during the exam, such as not using electronic devices or speaking during the listening section.

  4. Test scoring: The Notice to Candidates explains how the IELTS exam is scored, including the band score system and the criteria used to evaluate test taker performance.

  5. Test results: The Notice to Candidates provides information about when and how test takers will receive their test results and how to order additional Test Report Forms if necessary.

  6. Test security: The Notice to Candidates emphasizes the importance of test security and reminds test takers that cheating or other forms of misconduct will result in disqualification and possible legal consequences.

Overall, the Notice to Candidates is a crucial document that test takers should read and understand thoroughly before taking the IELTS exam. It provides important information that will help test takers to prepare for and perform their best on test day.