1.3 Model Speaking Part 2

Before you watch

This is a model IELTS Speaking test part 2 conducted at the IELTS Juice studio. Watch it carefully and see how the interviewer gives the question card and asks the candidate to return it.

After you watch

Describe a well-known person you like or admire.

You should say:

           who this person is

           what this person has done

           why this person is well-known

and explain why you admire this person.

Look at the card above (from the video lesson) and prepare your answers. Even better, keep your notes and your recorded voice for this card with you throughout the course. Later on, this will help you have insights into how well you could have improved your performance.

Have a question? Please write in the speaking forum, and one of the other learners or our IELTS experts will reply.

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