1.1 The Speaking Test Layout

Before you watch

Welcome to the Speaking module of the IELTS Juice Online Academy. The course consists of 10 chapters with hours of videos, interactive exercises, downloads, further study recommendations. There is also a speaking forum where you can discuss your questions with teachers and other learners.

We start off by looking at the test layout, watch an interview recorded at the IELTS Juice studio, and later, we will practice the features of each part. During the course, you will be able to test yourself using lots of interactive exercises.

After you watch

As you just learned from the video lesson, the Academic and General Training modules of IELTS are the same in the Speaking part.

Have a question? Write in the speaking forum, and one of the other learners or our IELTS experts will reply.


Before starting the Speaking Course, please read the official IELTS notice to Candidates. Click here to get it.

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