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There are no classes to attend, so study the lessons in your own time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the courses?

These are self-paced courses, meaning you can study at your own pace! For example, if you study every day, you may finish the listening course in about a week, but if you can only study the lessons on weekends, each course (skill) can take about 30 days to complete. However, to make sure you can finish your courses at your convenience, we keep your access to the Academy open for 70 days.

Will I have a live teacher?

No, but there is a teacher in pre-recorded video lessons on the IELTS Juice website. You will receive the tips and strategies from the recorded videos and practice them with lots of online exercises. Although there is no live teacher to explain things, our support team will always be happy to answer the questions you ask under each lesson.

Is a high speed Internet connection necessary?

Not really. The good news is that the video lessons are prepared in a way that even very low-speed Internet users are able to view them with no problems.

How many days/hours do I have to study?

You can study any time of the day and as long as you can! In self-paced courses, you won’t have to go online at specific times. But generally, we recommend spending about 2-4 hours a day studying for IELTS if you are aiming for a high score.

Will I need any books to study during the self-study online courses?

Nothing except Cambridge IELTS books 6-11 which should be used as your practice material. Everything else is provided by the IELTS Juice Online Academy. There are interactive online exercises and downloadable materials that will be more than enough for your IELTS preparation.

Who can I ask my questions during the course?

At the bottom of each video lesson, there is a Discussion box where you can write your questions and get answers. Our educational support team will reply to your comments as soon as humanly possible.

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