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The shocking move to nonviolent protest

14 Mar 2015 Morvarid Akhbari
In 2002, investigative journalist and TED Fellow Will Potter took a break from his regular beat, writing about shootings and murders for the Chicago Tribune. He went to help a local group campaigning against animal testing. Instead, he was arrested, and so began his ongoing journey into a world in which peaceful protest is branded as terrorism.

About speaker

Award-winning journalist and author, Will Potter focuses on the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties in the post-9/11 era. Read more about him.

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not allowed by the law


to carefully watch and check a situation in order to see how it changes over a period of time


to show something that is usually covered or hidden


a big company, or a group of companies acting together as a single organization


information or instructions that you get before you have to do something


concerning the people and things around you in your life, for example the buildings you use, the people you live or work with, and the general situation you are in


facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true


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