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Skim it or Scan it?

Skim it or Scan it?

31 Jul 2015 Mehdi Safavi
Reading is normally regarded as a tough skill. Of course it would be difficult if you had to read every single word in a text to be able to collect the information you need and answer the questions; however, using the right tools - skimming and scanning - you can really enjoy reading.

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In each situation below, decide whether you would skim or scan:

1) I would _____ through a table of contents to see what information a book contains.

2) I would _____ through the glossary of a book to look for a certain topic.

3) I would _____ through the headings of a report before I read it to see if the topic interested me.

4) I would _____ through the first paragraph of a book to see if it was about the same character as a previous book.

5) I would _____ to find a phone number in the telephone directory.

6) I would _____ to search for an unanswered question on an exam.

7) I would _____ to find a location on a map

8) I would _____ to find my flight on a schedule at the airport.

9) I would _____ an advert to find out the cost of something.

10) I would _____ to refresh my memory about an article I’d read before. 


1: skim, 2: scan, 3: skim, 4: scan, 5: scan, 6: scan, 7: scan, 8: scan, 9: scan, 10: skim