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How to improve your reading speed

18 Dec 2015 Mehdi Safavi
What problems do you have reading in English? What can you do to improve your reading? We know that speed is a major area of concern for readers, but solving this problem is not that difficult. Read the passage to find at least three ways you can improve your reading speed.

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Calculate your Listening and Reading scores

13 Nov 2015 Kasra Sharifan
Want to get a 7.0 at IELTS? Do you know how many correct answers will get you there? 29? 30? 34? Is it the same between Listening and Reading? What about Academic Reading or Academic Listening? Enough questions!

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Teaching Reading (part two)

21 Aug 2014 Masoud Yadi
In the previous part we reviewed some major steps a teacher has to take in an exam class. Here is more about the same topic.

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Dictogloss - a teaching technique for all skills

30 Jan 2014 Mehdi Safavi
One of the most engaging language teaching techniques used in teaching grammatical structures is Dictogloss. It requires minimal preparation and equipment and is the most favourite classroom activity with busy teachers. Here's how it works:

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Reading storybooks won't help you unless ...

19 Sep 2013 Kasra Sharifan
Taking practice reading tests is a must for IELTS candidates; however, short storybooks are also an amazing source for improving your general English. But you need to be extra careful when it comes to storybooks. Just follow these important steps and you'll be fine.

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