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114 - How to talk about Christmas

25 Dec 2015 Kevin Schell
In this podcast, Sam who is from the US talks about his favorite holiday, Christmas, and explains why he loves it so much.

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Christmas: The Day Gunfire Gave way to Gifts

25 Dec 2014 Kasra Sharifan
On December 24, 1914, during the first World War (WWI), an unofficial ceasefire (or truce) was announced between the German and British armies. Both sides put down their weapons, shook hands and even played a football match against each other to honor the spirit of Christmas. This year, Prince Willi...

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A Christmassy Lesson

26 Dec 2013 Kasra Sharifan
On 25 December every year, millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ all over the world. We can also use this opportunity to have some extensive listening.

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