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Save the oceans, feed the world!

05 Jun 2014 Milad Moodi
In an eye-opening talk, Jackie Savitz tells us what’s really going on in our global fisheries right now — it’s not good — and offers smart suggestions of how we can help them heal, while making more food for all.

About speaker

Jackie Savitz is the Vice President, for North American Oceans for Oceana. Read more about her.

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concept (n)

an idea of how something is, or how something should be done.

sustainable   able to continue without causing damage to the environment
pursuit when someone tries to get, achieve, or find something in a determined way
restore to make something return to its former state or condition
prohibit to say that an action is illegal or not allowed
exclusive available or belonging only to particular people, and not shared
constant  happening regularly or all the time
invest to buy shares, property, or goods because you hope that the value will increase and you can make a profit
consumer someone who buys and uses products and services
decline a decrease in the quality, quantity, or importance of something


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