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One very dry demo

10 Apr 2014 Milad Moodi
Mark Shaw demos Ultra-Ever Dry, a liquid-repellent coating that acts as an astonishingly powerful shield against water and water-based materials. At the nano level, the spray covers a surface with an umbrella of air so that water bounces right off.

About speaker

Mark Shaw develops technologies to contain hazardous waste, storm water and radioactives. Read more about him.

useful language

cinder block:  a large grey brick used to build houses and other buildings, made from cement and cinders
occur:  to happen
refined:  a substance that is refined has been made pure by an industrial process
demonstration:  an act of explaining and showing how to do something or how something works
layer:  an amount or piece of a material or substance that covers a surface or that is between two other things
survive:  to continue to live after an accident, war, or illness
revolutionize:  to completely change the way people do something or think about something


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