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Improve Your Handwriting Today

Improve Your Handwriting Today

18 Dec 2014 Kasra Sharifan
IELTS examiners cannot assess your work if your handwriting is illegible. In other words, your handwriting must be clear and readable. This is certainly important in IELTS Writing module, but in IELTS Listening, this leads to the loss of the whole point of the question which is absolutely tragic!

Print-style or Cursive Handwriting

Choosing your handwriting style is a personal choice and all that matters for IELTS is to be able to read it without trouble. 

All things considered, we believe the print-style handwriting is more suitable for IELTS for three reasons:

  1. It is easier and faster to write.
  2. You can find your errors faster while you proofread and edit your work.
  3. It is less time-consuming to learn how to write the letters correctly. 

Look at the picture below, follow the arrows and practice correct English letter tracing.

And here are the animated versions:

(Please wait until the images load...)