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How to use "how"

22 Jan 2015 Masoud Yadi
The question word "how" is really interesting because it can be joined with other words to form different questions. It is a powerful word, but the question is: How well can you use "how" in your speaking?

Uses of How

1- Frequency

How often do you play computer games?
How often do you go to English classes?

2- Distance

How far is your home from here?
How far is the nearest petrol station?

3- Money

How much is a pocket of biscuits?
How much did you pay for these shoes?

4- Quantity

How many CDs do you have at home?
How many books do you read a year?

5-  Grade of an adjective

How old is your father?
How important is doing exercise?
How interesting is playing golf?

6- Grade of an adverb

How well can you play football?
How badly did you sprain your ankle?
How fast can your car go?

7- Length of time

How long have you been studying English?
How long can you live like this?

8- Manner of action

How does your meal taste?
How are you going to pay for the service?