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Could future devices read images from our brains

24 Jul 2014 Milad Moodi
As an expert on cutting-edge digital displays, Mary Lou Jepsen studies how to show our most creative ideas on screens. And as a brain surgery patient herself, she is driven to know more about the neural activity that underlies invention, creativity and thought.

About speaker

Mary Lou Jepsen is the head of the Display Division at Google [x].  Previously she has founded or co-founded 4 different startups and served as the CTO or CEO at all of them. Read more about her.

useful language


thinking about things in a detailed and intelligent way, so that you can examine and understand things


the ability to learn, understand, and think about things

conventional wisdom

the opinion that most people consider to be normal and right, but that is sometimes shown to be wrong


the quality of being very exact or correct


a written description of the characters, place, and things that will happen in a film, play etc


someone you work with - used especially by professional people


the power of a television, camera, microscope etc to give a clear picture


discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time and in which people express different opinions


all the time, or very often


one part of a story, film etc that deals with a single subject or action


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