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5 ways to listen better

10 Jul 2014 Milad Moodi
In this short, fascinating talk, Julian Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening — to other people and the world around you.

About speaker

Julian Treasure is founder and chairman of The Sound Agency, a UK-based consultancy that asks and answers the question: “How does your brand sound?”. Read more about Julian and TSA .

useful language

scenario a situation that could possibly happen
cease to stop doing something or stop happening
percent an amount equal to five, ten etc parts out of a total of 100 parts
extraction the process of removing or obtaining something from something else
quote a sentence or phrase from a book, speech etc which you repeat in a speech or piece of writing because it is interesting or amusing
retain to remember information
aware if you are aware of something, you notice it, especially because you can see, hear, feel, or smell it
transform to completely change the appearance, form, or character of something or someone, especially in a way that improves it
generation the average period of time between the birth of a person and the birth of that person’s children
mental relating to the mind and thinking, or happening only in the mind


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