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114 - How to talk about Christmas

25 Dec 2015 Kevin Schell
In this podcast, Sam who is from the US talks about his favorite holiday, Christmas, and explains why he loves it so much.

Podcast #114 - How to talk about Christmas

Hello! My name is Sam. I live in the US and I love to celebrate Christmas on 25th of December with my family. This is a very joyful  time for so many people. We decorate Christmas trees with ornaments inside homes; we hang stockings on fireplace mantles to place small gifts inside’ we hang colored Christmas lights on the outside our homes and trees. The families gather for gift exchanges early on Christmas morning.

My favorite part of Christmas is the caroling. This is when small groups of people like me and you travel around the neighborhoods to sing Christmas songs, some people even wear traditional Christmas outfits. The purpose of the carollers is to spread peace, joy, hope and prosperity. Christmas is the time to refocus on the kindness and joy and love we should have for each other and that is what I wish for you.


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