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110 - How to improve your vocabulary

21 Aug 2014 Maryam Taghavi
A podcast with tips on how to improve your English vocabulary.

Podcast #110 - How to improve your vocabulary

Today’s topic is: How do we improve our vocabulary?


This has always been a big question mark for English learners! No matter what age you are or what level of English you have, the answer is simple and the same for all levels and all ages.

You always have four steps to keep in mind:

Step 1 is to read as much as you can without the purpose of learning new words. Read story books, articles, newspapers, magazines. The broader your reading sources are, the stronger your vocabulary will become.

Step 2 is to listen. How do you think you learned to speak your mother tongue? Of course! By listening! Watch lectures, listen to radio programs, watch the news… this will help you pick up new words without you realising it.

Step 3 is to keep a vocabulary notebook. Write every single new word you come across while you’re doing step 1 and 2 with its meaning and synonyms.

Step 4 is to use the words in step 3 as soon as you learn them. Practice them in your writing, speaking, day-to-day conversations and discussions.

Good luck!


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