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108 - Describe a museum

27 Mar 2014 Maryam Taghavi
In part 2 of the speaking test, you have one minute to prepare and 1-2 minutes to talk using a cue card the examiner gives you. In this 2-minute podcast an IELTS Juice expert describes a museum.

Podcast #108 - Describe a museum

Describe a museum

Describe a museum.

      You should say:
      How often you visit the museum.
      Which type of museum is popular in your country. 

Why you want to visit the museum.

Model Answer

Well, to be honest… I’m not really interested in museums! Or any kind of historical monuments! However, whenever I travel to foreign countries or some historical cities, I definitely visit the most important and the most famous museum of that place but that wouldn’t happen so often, unfortunately. In my country, there are many different types of museums located in different parts of the country like Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd or even Tehran, the capital. And they’re amazingly beautiful specially the National Jewellery Treasury which is the most glittering collection of gemstones and jewellery known in the world. The main reason why I or I’d better say people visit museums, I believe, is that these historical places are certainly the best place to learn about other cultures. So, basically, we can call the museums the cultural entity of each country. Anyways, I think generally adding to your knowledge is always a good thing so visiting museums and places like them can be a perfect way to do that. 


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