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102 - my favourite possession

10 Oct 2013 Maryam Taghavi
A model answer for IELTS speaking test - Part 2. The topic is 'Describe your favourite possession.'

Podcast #102 - my favourite possession

In part 2 of the speaking test, you have one minute to prepare and 1-2 minutes to talk using a cue card the examiner gives you. In this 2-minute podcast an IELTS Juice expert describes her favourite possession (i.e. something that belongs to her).

Speaking Part 2

Describe your favourite possession.

You should say:
        What this is
        When you obtained it
        What you like about it
And explain why this item is important to you.


Model Answer

My favourite possession and the most valuable thing I’ve ever had was a 90-square-meter apartment that I won in a lottery when I was 25 years old. I remember living in a very small house with my in-laws and I used to work full-time at an oil company at the time… plus, I had a 2-year-old daughter who needed to be looked after 24/7… that’s why my husband and I decided to move to the city where his family lived so that they could take care of her.

The first two years, we lived together in an old house with 8 other people ….  I still remember vividly how I used to feel. One day I heard about a house sweepstakes in our company. So I registered for it pessimistically because I could never have imagined that I’d ever win. It took 2 years for the building of these apartments to finish…and…since there were 40 people taking part in the lottery and only three apartments, we only had a slight chance of winning.

Finally …. I heard the best news in my life. Looking back, I couldn’t have been happier! …I know…it wasn’t a big deal! It was only a small apartment but…to be honest… it was like a palace for me… This place was important to me because it was my very first apartment and I still reminisce about every single moment of it.


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