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Every IELTS candidate needs help with their writing, so just send us your IELTS writing (task 1 or 2) and our IELTS experts will assess them for you.

How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service for IELTS writing skill only?

Yes. You can send your writing (task 1 or 2) for correction.

Is the price for one task or two? Can I send more with only one coupon?

Each coupon is used for only one task. If you send 2 or more tasks with one coupon, only the first one will be assessed. If you wish to have both task 1 and 2 assessed, please purchase 2 coupons.

Who assesses and marks my responses?

A team of IELTS experts and English teachers check, score and write feedback for your responses.

How can I understand my errors? Do you include that on the feedback I receive?

Yes. You receive feedback on 3 areas: A, the errors are marked and corrected on the response. B, you receive 4 sub-band scores which come with full explanation as to why you receive that mark and what needs to be done to go to the higher score. C, the editor's note which is general feedback on the key elements of the response.

Do I have to type my writing responses?

No, simply take a picture of it and send it to us. if you have two pictures to upload, you can zip the files or send one combined PDF file. Just make sure the files are readable and have good quality.

Will you give me a writing task or do I have to find one myself?

We do not limit your choices. You can pick any standard task as long as it is from Cambridge IELTS books (6-13) or other reliable sources.

Do I have to send the question file too?

Yes, the question is absolutely important for a standard IELTS correction; without it, our IELTS experts will not be able to mark your work or provide any feedback.

How long does it take to receive my corrected writing response?

The correction and written feedback take about 24-72 hours to complete and sent back to you.

I received the assessed version of my writing but still have questions. Where should I ask them?

The writing/speaking correction service is for assessment only; to learn about how to improve your writing/speaking, you should book an online session with one of our experts to help you, or for official IELTS writing/speaking training, you can select an IELTS course here →

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